Buenos Aires is world-renowned for amazing food, the San Telmo Market is somewhat the pinnacle of this statement. Vibrant, full of life and some of the best food in the city. San Telmo Market Buenos Aires is an absolute must-do when visiting Argentina.

There are a couple of things that I noticed after my first few days in Buenos Aires. They were, firstly there is a little coffee culture, secondly finding somewhere to eat during the day can be difficult, the Argentinian culture tends to eat late in the night and sip matte during the day.


Although there is coffee everywhere throughout the city it is standard plunger or instant coffee. The couple of cafes you do find that produce a full espresso coffee can be few and far between. This is a complete contrast from the San Telmo Market Buenos Aires.

There are multiple places within San Telmo Market where you can find coffee, but they are not just your standard get a coffee and go. Some places are grinding and roasting beans right in front of you as you look at the menu deciding what type of coffee you would like.


Secondly there San Telmo Market has the biggest variety of food in the city, in my opinion at least. You can try anything and everything you want, from the classic Argetnianina BBQ to another classic the Empanadas. With everything in between. If you are staying at a hostel and just want to go there to do your shopping the option is there as well.

One thing apart from the above that I would higher recommend in San Telmo Market would be the Dulce De Leche crepe. This was the first time my taste buds come across Dule De Leche, which is Caramel except 10x better. It is everywhere and rightly so, 1000 times more versatile than standard caramel, Argentineans literally have it with everything.


San Telmo has rich and vibrant energy, totally unique to the rest of the city. Yes there is coffee and yes there is Dulce De Leche, but there is so so much more. Reminds me of boutique South East Asian Market, something that is rarely seen in South America.

San Telmo Market Buenos Aires is one of those places you want to return to time and time again. We were staying in the city centre which was walking distance and would find ourselves back day after day. Put it on your list and check it out for yourself.


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