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Lucidkiwi was founded in 2015, with the goal to set out and travel the world with no end in date. To travel the world full time while making an income both online and through my passion for exploration and adventure.

After trial and error, countless hours of travel, work, blood sweat and tears this dream of mine come to fruition. Although it started out slow for the better part of 5 years I was travelling the world, living and working in some of the most beautiful locations in the world.

Leveraging Lucidkiwi to develop income streams and work with global brands in the travel and tourism industry. Developing and implementing various marketing and creative strategies throughout the world.


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Develop freedom with an online business.

The skills that I developed also helped me thrive during the 2020 pandemic. When the world shut down so did the travel and tourism industry, but so did the demand for digital marketing and having a presence online as a business.

Using the exact skills I used to build Lucidkiwi I built Stitch Media – a marketing agency and started to transform businesses’ digital marketing approach and online presence.

Through Lucidkiwi and Stitch Media I have personally worked with over 100 businesses and brands doing a range of work from content creation, and strategy, and right through to implementation on a nation and global scale.

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I have the fundamental skills and the formula to build both a personal brand and business to success through digital marketing, and the thing is if I can do it so can you.

That is why I have created this resource hub for you, to share all the knowledge I have acquired over the past 8 years, to give you a blueprint, a road map to follow in the marketing world.

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