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Collab With Lucidkiwi

Lucidkiwi has worked with individuals, brands and companies all around the world. Building relationships, establishing briefs and carrying out creative and marketing campaigns have been a massive success for Lucidkiwi and the partnering company.

Lucidkiwi primarily collaborates with companies that are aligned in the travel and tourism industry and various lifestyle brands. Lucidkiwi has kept its authenticity by only collaborating with anyone who fits the Lucidkiwi ‘vibe’.

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Building a Business or Personal Brand?

Stitch Media has worked with over 100 brands and businesses, developing and implementing marketing and creative campaigns. Whether you are building a personal brand or a global brand we have the expertise to assist you.

What My Clients Are Saying

Lucidkiwi has worked with individuals, brands and companies around the world. Building relationships and establishing specific briefs before carrying out the creative or marketing campaigns has been a huge success for both Lucidkiwi and the partnering company.

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Air Asia

Kristy Lam

PR & Social Media , AirAsia

Alex’s friendly and positive personality, passion for creating content, creativity, and easy-going nature also contributed to a successful collaboration. Without reservation, I recommend Alex to any organisation implementing an influencer marketing program.

Group 11748@2x

Massey Venues

Tracy Curphey

Associate Director Hospitality - National Facilities

“Alex from Stitch Media has done an incredible job helping Massey Venues build a new external brand within Massey University from the ground up…. He has never failed to deliver on our requests and expectations. Stitch Media has been integral in bringing our digital strategy to life.”

Group 11747@2x


Farah Zulkifli

MarCom Manager

“It was a great pleasure to work with Alex, his passion for travel, the search for cultural differences, respect and embracing diversity lead to a wonderful partnership… We are thankful for the great results of all the work that Alex provided us.”

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