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Trendy, clean and full of energy, Palermo Buenos Aires is the place to be if you are travelling to Argentina. Palermo is located in the heart of Buenos Aires, full of bars, restaurants and night clubs, it is the ‘happening place’. Not to mention the countless parks where people walk their dogs, drink matte and hang out with friends.

Streets of Palermo

Palermo has a reputation for being the ‘rich’ part of Buenos Aires where the upper-class lives, this can be quite off-putting for the backpacker. But this could not be further from the truth. Like everywhere in the world no matter where you are going there is always the option to do it on a budget. Just like we did.

Palmero Is Backpacker Friendly

There are dozens of hostels in the surrounding area to cater for everyone’s needs and budgets. If you are on the lower end of the budget scale, there is the Art Factory hostel which is quite frankly the best located and the best bang for buck. Only a 2min walk from the buzz of Palermo Buenos Aires. It also comes with free breakfast and the price tag of around $10 – $15 NZD depending on the time of year and week.

Art Factory Hostel

Alternatively (and there are many alternatives), if you are travelling as a couple or just prefer your own room. We also stayed in a hostel called Play Hostel Arcos, here you can pick up a private room for $25 – $30 NZD depending on the time of year and week.

Palermo is full of food options, whatever you want you will be able to find it. Although this can get pricy and greatly increase your daily expenditure if you on a budget. This can be easily balanced by shopping at supermarkets and cooking your meals in Hostel kitchens. You can cook basic meals for as cheap as $2 NZD or something a bit boujee for $5. Don’t let the stereotype of ‘expensive’ Palermo stop you from going.

Play Hostel Arcos

Argentina Can Be Unbelievably Cheap

Palermo Buenos Aires is also known for the social side, bars line the streets and as the night goes on night clubs begin to open up, just don’t expect to be clubbing until at least 2 am n the morning.

This was one of the culture shocks of travelling to Argentina, In New Zealand, we usually have dinner around 7 PM, begin drinking after that, go out around midnight and be in bed by 3 am at the latest. In Argentina the common time to eat is around 10 pm – 11 pm, it is also common to see people out having casual beers at 3 am. The real party doesn’t start until early morning and goes until sunrise.

Diggs Rooftop Bar

Again you can have a lot of fun, ridiculously cheap. Happy hour usually starts around 6 pm and goes until 9 pm at most bars. Picking up $2 beers and $4 cocktails while sitting on the rooftop of various bars listing to epic music and takin in the vibes. Our favourite bar was Diggs, there are a couple throughout Palermo Buenos Aires, cheap drinks with an awesome atmosphere.

Argentinian BBQ Is A MUST DO

Palermo is also the perfect place to lose your Argentinan BBQ virginity. Argentinian BBQ is world renowned and rightly so, it is somehow the best meat and experience you have ever had. You can again, do this on the cheap. There are places that will charge you a ridiculous amount of money, but if you shop around you can find budget-friendly places for a fraction of the price that quite frankly give you a more authentic experience.


The best place in Palermo is by far La Escondida. Seriously you have to try this place, we have a full three-course meal, bottle of wine and a litre of Heineken for the crazy price of $40 NZD.

Even with all of the above taken out of consideration, Palermo is just absolute vibes. Super chill, super safe and just easy going. We would often find ourselves wandering around the streets, going to the daily markets scattered around the place and chilling in the parks patting all the dogs.

Streets of Palmero

Palmero Buenos Aires is by far the best suburb in the city to spend some chill time and soak up the vibes in my opinion. I would almost be inclined to recommend making this your base as you explore the rest of the city. Regardless if you are travelling to Buenos Aires make sure you put Palmero on top of the list.

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